Service & Spare

Scantec offers a large stock of spare parts to
deliver spare parts quickly to our customers.

We recommend you to buy spare parts directly from us or through our sales agents to be sure that you get the right dimensions and materials.
Our 24hour technical support services will give you the best professional support/knowledge.

SPARE PARTS How to check the genuine product

Materials related to the Valve Remote Control System supplied by Scantec to customers (ship owners and agents) are selected and supplied with products whose quality has been verified through multi-year tests as well as A/S and Trouble Shooting.
Products supplied by Scantec Co.,Ltd or through our designated agent can be verified as genuine in the following way.

Verification of genuine product through QR Code

Verification through the certificate of authenticity

All products supplied by Scantec Co.,Ltd are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity (for each order), and verification is possible through RFID attached to the certificate of authenticity as well as the contents.

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